Who We Are

The founders of Fans Supporting Foodbanks have worked together on different socialism endeavours for some time. They knew their strengths and what they could truly achieve, and the results have been phenomenal.

Dave Kelly

Dave has spent his entire life fighting for what he believes in, which is giving the power back to the people and transparency in everything. To that end, Dave has been involved in many activist activities including the FSF Twenty’s Plenty Campaign.

Despite being a huge Evertonian, he has fought against the club where he felt was necessary, such as paying all club staff a national living wage.

Dave was also Andy Burnham MP’s campaign manager for leadership of the Labour Party.

Ian Byrne

Ian set up Fans Supporting Foodbanks with Dave and Robbie after like his colleagues, being dismayed at the current state of the system. He has been involved in numerous activism activities with both Dave and Robbie prior.

Ian is also now proudly the current sitting MP for West Derby, Liverpool.

Robbie Daniels

Robbie Daniels is another of the main minds behind FSFB.

Robbie has been involved with various fan activism such as the Twenty’s Plenty Campaign and also a member of the Blue Union with Dave Kelly, with whom they managed to challenge the club for greater transparency.

Robbie has operated various businesses, such as the The Grand Cafe in Warbreck Moor, which has a 5 star rating on Trip Advisor.